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Bad things happen to good people.  An arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol, prescription medications, or other intoxicants can happen to anyone.  Social drinking at dinner, a party, or other social event can result in an arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI).  Recreational use of marijuana, cocaine or other drug can lead to a DUI arrest as well.  Never face a charge of driving under the influence alone.  A DUI or other criminal arrest carries serious consequences.  You deserve an experienced DUI and criminal defense lawyer.

Joe Perkins, Jr. is serious about defending those in Metro Atlanta charged with Driving Under the Influence and other criminal charges.  Not all criminal defense lawyers are adequately versed in DUI law to provide you with the best defense against a DUI charge.  As a former DUI enforcement officer and now an experienced DUI and criminal defense trial lawyer, Mr. Perkins possesses the training and experience to provide you with the professional and aggressive criminal defense you deserve.

An arrest for DUI often results in various other charges unrelated to driving a vehicle.  Many charged with DUI may also face charges of drug possession, assault, fleeing and eluding, weapons violation, obstructing an officer, criminal trespass, and even family violence.  Mr. Perkins has successfully defended many clients against these and other criminal offenses unrelated to driving a vehicle.

Joe's practice is not limited to Driving Under the Influence defense.  Mr. Perkins has aggressively defended clients charged with a wide array of criminal offenses.  Whether you're facing a DUI or any other criminal charge, you can trust Joe Perkins, Jr. to provide you with competent, professional legal counsel and defense without regard to your race, gender, sexual orientation, sexual preference, or gender identity.

Georgia Ten Day Rule

Georgia law provides only 10 business days after your DUI arrest to demand an appeal of the administrative suspension of your driver's license.  If you refuse the State's test or if you submit to the State's test and the concentration of alcohol in your blood is above the legal limit for your particular circumstance, you may be subject to an Administrative License Suspension.  Your privilege to drive is in jeopardy.  Attorney Joe Perkins, Jr. will assist you with the ALS appeals process but time is of the essence.  Call Joe as soon as possible after your arrest.

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